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I shot the pic in Shangrila (la la la la la... good song from the kinks), the place has a famous buddhist monastery and is at the border of Tibet. Well actually IT IS tibet as it was a bit invaded by China... But hum... let stay politically correct, go there and you see by yourself that it is more Tibet than China ;) .

Anyway the monastery is not that easy to reach (about 3400m), the air is pure there and all is very peacefull. The guy on the pic was asking 1 dollar to be shot with it's cow (yak?) in front of the scenery. It's true that the view is good from that spot, i mostly went there to shot a panorama.

EXIFS : 2004-09-17 05:52:38 | E4300 | 1/133 sec | f 7.6 | 8 mm | 100


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