My New toy : the Lomo Super Sampler
Français My New toy : the Lomo Super Sampler 2007-01-31 - 7474 Views

Friends gave it to me for my birthday (thanks again !).

It's a film camera that takes 4 shots in 2 seconds. It's meant to "slice" the movements by capturing 4 frames on a standard film. The annoying part is that you have to wait to develop the whole film to see your pics.

I realize that using digital cameras, i can't wait to see the shots anymore.

That Camera is really fun and i really can't wait to see some results and display some pics here, there are no settings available and you just have to aproximately point and shoot, should be interesting.

EXIFS : 2007-01-29 01:00:47 | NIKON D70 | 1/60 sec | f 3.5 | 55 mm | N/A


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2 Comment(s) :
  • hihi ! Have fun ;)

    [reply]Nicolas @ 2007-01-31 13:51:19
  • I really can't wait to come to the end of the film i did a couple of shots today and i really understand one of the great things about film shooting : the wait is great.

    [reply]xavier @ 2007-02-01 02:27:07