South side of Madrid street bridge
Français South side of Madrid street bridge 2007-02-04 - 9972 Views

As promised yesterday, a another pic of that bridge.

I really like the feeling of that bridge in the middle of a street that has no "bridge purpose".

More about that bridge here.

EXIFS : 2007-01-30 01:52:08 | NIKON D70 | 1/5 sec | f 2.8 | 28 mm | N/A

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2 Comment(s) :
  • This brigde really looks like one place in Paris, rue Portalis, just near Rue de madrid... funny.

    [reply]Patapon @ 2007-02-07 12:03:51
  • Precisely, the bridge is the Rocher Street, crossing the Madrid Street.

    I will have a look to be sure we don't talk about the same, if not, it might get interesting... ;)

    [reply]xavier @ 2007-02-09 01:30:38